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PostSubject: Spectre   Spectre Icon_minitimeSat Dec 27, 2008 10:59 pm

Name:name of the pet:Spectre
Rank:Special Jounin
Pet Type:Fox
Spectre Flower_Fox_Copic_by_WildSpiritWolf
Discription:The baby was brought to life by a fox mother who was left behind and when a beast attacked the mother protected her baby but got wounded real hard.
Blaze was doing a mission when he saw a mother protecting the fox unfortinly the mother was wounded and died in front of him.Blaze took the baby with him.When the fox opened it's eyes and started looking Blaze took him in and raised him to be a powerfull fighter and his best friend.

Baby Spectre
Spectre Fox_by_Hisoka092

Spectre Sigyon2copybg4
Spectre BlazeKingz
Please click Here and join the game while being reffered by me i would really appriciate it Very Happy

Spectre Presetgw9
Spectre Gdtaun0
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