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 My weapons

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PostSubject: My weapons   My weapons Icon_minitimeThu Dec 25, 2008 5:31 pm

Name:Swords of eternal balance
My weapons Giant_51_Final_Fantasy_7_Cloud_Buster_Swords
Ingidients:the mine A Piece of meta + Crow Bar + Fire Orb + Water Orb
Discription:Weapons Power: The swords are balanced between two elements:water and fire.When you need power or need to absorb power you use the Fire powered Big sword and when you need speed or want to absorb the opponents speed then you use the small one.

Weapon History: The swords where owned by the First Hokage's family in the Leaf village but at the time the swords where hidden in an statue but the First hokage didn't knew that.When Naruto got old he bought the statue.One day when blaze was playing in the garden he accidently knocked the statue down causing it to break.When it broke the swords came out of it and since that moment they are wielded by Blaze Yondaime.

Name:Toxic Kunai of the Land of Kui
My weapons Fm-411_wp
Ingidients:the mine A Piece of metal + Crow Bar + Poison Orb
Discription:This weapon is surrounded by the aura of poison chakra and it doesn't have to scratch you but just to come very close so the poisinous chakra can enter your body and start sopping your muscles.

Weapon History:Blaze was doing a mission in the land of Kui where a pack of notorious bandits tried to rob him.Blaze easily defeated them and when the boss came they fought for hours.Till the Bandit gave up.As a reward of letting him live Blaze recieved his Toxic Kunai that have been in his family for generations.

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My weapons BlazeKingz
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My weapons
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