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 Cross Country struggle 2

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Bayate Ichijouji

Bayate Ichijouji

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PostSubject: Cross Country struggle 2   Cross Country struggle 2 Icon_minitimeFri Dec 19, 2008 4:20 am

(While Bayate is sleeping): *At the rogue nins' base* "Daname-sama we have news about Jeno to report." Daname waves his arm for him to continue "Eh...? What the hell did he get himself into now, that dam guy is so cocky..." The messanger looks down "Well.... I have received word that Jeno.... was killed yesterday in the forest." Daname chokes a little "WHAT?!?! Why didnt i hear word of this sooner?!? Nevermind that, shit..! Jeno may be a cocky punk, but hes no weakling... His opponent must have been pretty strong to have killed him. Heh, i suppose Jeno deserved it for his cockiness, that dumbass, but still. I am his comrad and i must avenge him! Geihate, Bunta, Come! We have to get revenge for our comrad so that his death will not be in vein." Geihate and Bunta Enter "Jeno died eh? Well serves him right but i am in the mood to kill so ok." Daname looks at the messanger "What is the name of Jenos' assasin?" The messanger replies "I believe his name is Bayate Ichijouji. From what i heard about the damage in the forest, it was entirely burnt to a crisp." Daname whispers to himself "The burn marks must mean this Bayate kid is extremely powerful in fire techniques and i know Jeno never really was smart enough to conquer his element, or even know what it was for that matter.. Bunta Geihate! Get your equipment together and meet me at the river and we'll head out!" Bunta and Geihate bow and get ready. Once they all get to the river Daname says "Keep your guard up guys, this guy KILLED Jeno so he must be somehwta strong, although he mightve just gotten lucky. Dont get cocky! Dont underestimate this kid no matter who he is. Now, lets go!" They start heading in the direction of Bayate.

Meanwhile Bayate just woke up and its 6:30am.

Bayate yawns "Jeez, i hate how these inns wake you up so early, but still.... that was a good nights' sleep and the worst is over. All i have to do now is get back to the village. This time i can actually go at my pace because im alone. I cant wait to get some ramen and rest at my house! YEAH LETS GO!" Bayate runs out of the inn after paying the clerk and starts on a path towards the leaf village. Everything is going well and Bayate is enjoying the scenery of the part of the forest he DIDNT burn down in his fight earlier. Bayate left marks here and there just in case he got lost, even though he knew he wouldnt because hes been on this path like a million times before this mission.Bayate sat down to have lunch at about 12:30pm and he thought he heard something so he threw a kunai behind him and it hit a tree. He heard a shriek and saw a couple birds scatter from the bush. Bayate thought something wasnt right, but he brushed it off as just a couple of birds fighting in a bush. Bayate sighed "Those birds almost made me drop my rice-cakes... thank god though cuz im starving." Bayate finished eating, take a short one hour nap and begins travelling again. He feels much better with lunch in his stomach and it would only be another hour or so until he reached the village. Suddnly while Bayate was jumping off from a tree, something grabbed him and threw him into the trunk of the tree. Bayate wasnt ready for this and had no tim to use his substaitution jutsu. He sat against the tree with a kunai in hand and stood up into a defensie stance. An shurkien flew at him but he easily dodged it. Bayate whispers to himself "Waaaah.... I thought getting back to the village was the easy part.... Why me.... Blaze-sama said id get a break for once but i guess not.... sigh...." Bayate then looks up "WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? ANSWER ME OR I WILL HAVE TO FORCE IT OUT OF YOU!" Daname and his two men jump down from the tree tops and they are standing about 25 feet away from Bayate. Daname replies "hahahaha, what an aggresive little kid you are. Your the one who killed Jeno eh? Well congratualations on being strong enough to kill him, but even so... You wont get away from us. We will not let him die in vein." Bayate cringes and think to himself : Crap.... Im outumbered 3 to 1 and i dont know anything about them. If the know about Jenos' death then they must know at least something about my abilities. Surely about my fire techniques because of the burnt forest... That guy in the middle (Daname) must be the leader and the strongest and the other 2 must be his underlings. Im going to have to attack a wide range to hit all of them and then attack Daname while the other two are down. : Suddenly the other 2 guys step down and Daname says "Dont worry kid i wont let these guys interfere i just brought them here so that i dont have to carry your corpse back to our base. Its just you and me, kid!" Bayate can tell that this man is A LOT more skilled than he is. He must have been a high-ranking jounin when he was in his village. Bayate knew he couldnt win so he had to somehoiw escape without the enemy seeing where he went. Before Bayate thought of a plan Daname attacked. Daname does hand signs "Earth Demon Jutsu!" Suddenly some of the ground rises higher and forms the shape of a rock golem thing. Bayate knows his is bad and must defeat it if he wants to escape. Bayate takes out his sword and smirks. "So, un-named shinobi... You think the golem will stop me? Well im going to test out my new TOY on you. I had made it after my battle with Jeno at the sound village. Im sure you will see it is quite affective.... hahaha..." Daname isnt phased "GOLEM! attack him now, with all your might, kill Bayate Ichijouji!" Bayate blocks the attack effortlessly with his sword "Your golem isnt so tough, but it is going to die now..!" Bayate sticks his sword into the ground and concentrates his fire chakra " RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!" Suddenly the ground around the rock golem and the golem itself start to heat up more and more. Eventually the ground and the golem are heated enough that they melt into a liquid lava state. Bayate takes a deep breath and then looks up "This blade allows me to flow my fire chakra though it into anything it touches. So i thrusted it into the grouynd and heated the earth around your golem and your golem itself, because it was still connected to the ground, and heated it till it melted." Bayate is smirking but he is truelly exhausted. He had to use a lot of chakra for that technique because it was hios first try using his swords ability and wasnt even sure if it was going to work. He needed to get out of there fast so he decided to leave there and then by a fake attack. Bayate smirked again "Hehe, now im going to show you an even more powerful technique, even stronger than the one i killed Jeno with!" Daname laughs "Well you are a strong little boy after all but we will see!" Daname does hand signs. "Im going to use one of my strongest techniques against yours! Whirlpool Tsunami Jutsu!!!" Daname is getting his technique ready as Bayate gets his fake attack escape plan ready. Bayate uses the rest of his chakra to form a sphere of fire around him. The fire wasnt too strong because of Bayates exhaustion but it would do. He was now concealed from enemy sight. Then he created a shadow clone and opened a dorrway through the sphere of fire and got out. Then the real bayate hid behind the tree while his clone was in the sphere staring down Daname Daname yells without noticing Bayates switch "LETS GO KID!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!" Daname rushes at Bayates' clone with his jutsu. Bayates clone rushes at Daname. When the two attacks clash there is a blinding light and at that moment the real Bayate comes from behind the tree, throws 5 smoke bombs at Danames' two henchman and Bayate escapes as fast as he can.

(Meanwhile Daname realizes he was tricked) When the two attacks clashed the flash lasted only long enough for Bayate to escape and Daname realized that something was wrong so he ended his technique. Bayates clone went *poof* and disappeared along with the sphere of fire. Daname is pissed off "WHAT?!?! THAT LITTLE RAT TRICKED ME AND ESCAPED USING A SHADOW CLONE FOR HIS SUBSTITUTE!!!!" Daname looks back at Bunto "Did you see him?!?!" Bunto replies calmly "Sorry sir, he threw smoke bombs at us and along with the flash, i could not even see my own hand in front of me." Daname growls "Grrrr~!!! That damned squirt! Ill get him one day! I swear it! But for today... He has escaped unscathed.... Lucky son of a..." Daname turns away and leaves signalling his men to follow.

(Back to Bayate) Bayate is worried and doesnt slow his pace until he reaches the village gate. The he runs into the village and once he knows hes safe, he sits down against a wall and rests. "Jeez... That was a close one.... If i hadnt gotten away without him noticing where i was headed, i would have been dead already... Im now going to do two things... Go to the hokages' office... and sleep for a month..." Bayate groans, gets up, and heads towards the hokages' office. Bayate enters without consent "Hey hokage, thanks for the EASY mission! I HAVE A STORY TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT!!!" Bayate explains to him and the hokage laughs but is also worried for Bayate. He finds the ninja Bayate was attacked by and tells Bayate his name is Daname, former kage of the sound village until he went on a murder rampage and killed 4 jounin. Bayate is startled but doesnt care too much cuz hes ok now. Bayate thanks the hokage and goes home for a nice long rest....
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Money/Coins - 350

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Atk Def Spd Ctr - Spd 3000
Jutsu Expiriance - 3,0

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Collar = $1000

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Cross Country struggle 2
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