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 Cross Country struggle 1

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Bayate Ichijouji

Bayate Ichijouji

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PostSubject: Cross Country struggle 1   Cross Country struggle 1 Icon_minitimeTue Dec 16, 2008 3:30 am

Bayate was training with his fire element in the forest one day and his friend Gayan came to tell him something. "Hey Bayate whats up, dude?"
Bayate looks over to Gayan "Hey i didnt even notice you haha. nothin much just trainin, whatchya need?" Gayan laughs and replies "Awww the hokage just wants to see you for a mission. He said this time itll be an easy one." Bayate sighs "Thank god, last time i almost burnt the village down with a technique i wasnt even finished with yet." Gayan laughs even harder "Yeah that was pretty funny, but you like a fourth of the forest down. enough talk, you gotta head to the hokages' office before he gets pissed. see ya later." Bayate smiles and then starts running towards the hokages office. Basyate is panting when he knocks on the hokages door. The hokage realizes hes arrived "You may enter." Bayate is still panting and replies "Sorry... Im late... I was talkin to... Gayan.... So what task does my village need me to perform?" The hokage smiles "Please dont be so formal with me bayate, ive come to think of us as friends. Just call me Blaze." Bayate is stunned "Ok, so what am i needed for?" The hokage picks up a paper and shows it to Bayate "Heres an easy one for you. This man is a shinobi supplier deliveryman, Heteke Tanade. He just needs to be escorted from here to the sound village. He on;ly needs us because he doesnt want street thugs robbing him. Not too hard, maybe a couple muggers but you can handle them. He will be meeting you at the north village gate tomorrow at 6:00am so get ready and have a good nights sleep." Bayate bows and leaves the hokages office and heads to his house. Bayate packs up his things and then gets some dinner. He is very tired from his training earlier today and decides to go to bed early. Bayate is rudely awakened to his alarm at 5:20am and is reluctant to get up so early, but quickly cheers up when he remembers he is getting up for a mission. He washes himself and gets dressed and heads out the door. Bayate is about 20 paces from the northern village gate and he sees a middle-aged man and decides that must be who he is escorting. Bayate smiles "Hello Heteke Tanade, I am Bayate Ichijouji, your escort to the sound village." Heteke startes walking "Geez its about time you got here, lets go. You better make sure nothing is stolen." Bayate sighs and thinks (Why do i always get the rude ones. Cant i just get a nice friendly hello from my client for once...) Bayate moans lowly but keeps pace with the man. Everything was going fine and they were almost out of the forest. Heteke sighs "We are almost out. After this we have to get on a boat, cross the channel, and walk about another 6-7 miles and we are there." Bayate whispers to himself "Geez this is so boring.... I wish something would happen. Just a little entertainment so that i wouldnt be so bored." They get to the dock, pay the sailor and get across the river safely. But when they hit land Bayate senses something and heres a slight chatter. No attack is made but Bayate keeps on his toes. He knows they are being watched and his watchers know he knows. Bayate and Heteke keep walking and about 2 miles into the walk they come to a clearing. Bayate notices that there is fern growing nearby that is not common to this area and is only grown if someone plants it from a seed. Bayate knows noone would plant a random fern in a clearing of the woods so he prepares for an attack but without telling Heteke. They walk by and about 20 meters behind them they here a poof and a chain clanging gettin nearer and louder. Bayate is hit but he suddenly goes *poof*. The attacker is surprised "A substitution jutsu?!? he knew we were here." Bayate chuckles from an unseeable treetop "Well not the whole time. I just noticed you when we got off the boat and have been keeping an eye on you since then. Heteke get back for now, ill handle this g-" Suddnely Bayate is hit out of the tree onto the ground "Crap that hurt... So there are two of you... NO..!!! He has a puppet. You must be the rogue shinobi, Puppet Master. Otherwise known as Jeno Zenni." The rogue shinobi laughs "hahahah what a good observation boy. im surprised you got that much from one attack. Now if you will just hand over those weapons i promise to make your death fast and painless...." Bayate smirks "How about YOU get on your merry way and i promise not to kick your ASS?!?" The rogue shinobi is angered "GRR fFINE HAVE IT YOUR WAY!" He jumps down on the ground and does hand signs "Get ready.... THOUSAND NEEDLE RAIN!" Suddenly his puppet flies up in the air and starts spinning extremely fast and countless needles rain out of the puppets body. Bayate cringes "Shit I cant avoid this, too many!" Bayate is hit by many needles in the left arm and upper back. Bayate coughs "Pretty good but i can also do some damage. " Bayate concentrates "PHEONIX KICK!!!" Suddenly Bayates' leg catchs fire and he jumps in the air and comes down on the rogue shinobi with a painful firey kick. The rogue is unable to react and is knocked back through some trees. The shinobi gets up but bearly "Shit... that was one heall of a kick... if i get hit by another one of those im finished..." Bayate smirks "Impressed huh? I used my fire elemnt to enhance my taijutsu. The fire that i kciked you with was 400 degrees fahreinheit and was strong enough to break through a solid 9 foot wall of steel." The shinobi struggles to stand up "Damate... my chest is burning and i can bearly use my left hand... Im going to end this quickly..." The rogue does some handsigns "Puppet imprisonment jutsu!" Suddenly the puppet comes from underground and opens up engulfing Bayate and then closing again. The shinobi mirks "This is one of my favorite techniques... Not only are you trapped in a cramped dark corner, but you are breathing in a poison. It sucks the life out of you slowly for a painful death and your chakra is absorbed by my puppet!" Bayate cringes "If i dont get out soon, im going to die..." Bayate kicks and squirms and punches and burns but he cant brak the prison and he feels more drained by the second The shinobi starts laughing "You said your name was Bayate Ichijouji, I know this name." Bayate is shocked to what he hears "What do you know about me?!?!?" The shinobi laughs even harder "About you?!?! I dont know jack, but about your brother..." He smirks wide "Well lets just say i was there to hear your brothers wonderful screams of agony when... I WATCHED MY FATHER KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!" Bayate cant take this statment. He starts to tweek and his whole body twitches. Then suddenly he explodes. His chakra suddenly spikes and his power increases 10000 fold. Bayate screams "Meteorite , Crater of Fire, JUTSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bayate suddenly is engulfed in a huge orb of fire that keeps growing in size and the puppet shatters like a glass bottle hitting the ground. Bayate, still engulfed in fire turns toward the shinobi who is in deep shock and awe by this enormous power and force. Bayate charges at him and hits him over and over kicking him and punching him with even more strength than his first kick. Bayate is just flinging him around like a pinball until he is dead. Even after he is dead he keeps hitting him on the ground until he eventually calms down. When Bayate finally calms down and he seizes control of his fire and stops himself he breaks down and cries. "Brother... I am so sorry i wasnt there to save you... I COULD HAVE SAVED YOU!!!!" He continues to sob and moarn until his tearducts are dry as the desert. In all his rage his fire had created an enourmous crater. Thankfully Heteke made it out of the range of the attack and was waiting for Bayates return. Bayate calmed down, gathered his things and met up with Heteke. Bayate was silent on the rest of the way there. Bayate delivered Heteke to the weapons manufacturer in the Sound Village and rested at a hotel for the night. All night, he sat thinking about his biological family.... who he wished so much that they were there to comfort him in his time of need... He would leave in the morning, but for now he needed his rest.... It was a rough day and he needed some peace....
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PostSubject: Re: Cross Country struggle 1   Cross Country struggle 1 Icon_minitimeTue Dec 16, 2008 6:51 pm



Money/Coins - 200

Experiance -

Atk Def Spd Ctr - atk 7000

Atk Def Spd Ctr - Spd 3000
Jutsu Expiriance - 3,0

As a Reward for 1000 words
+Item -
Weapon Fire Orb

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Cross Country struggle 1
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