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 Blaze Yondaime

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Village : Konoha, Leaf Village
Clan : Yondaime
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PostSubject: Blaze Yondaime   Blaze Yondaime Icon_minitimeSat Dec 06, 2008 6:10 pm


Age: 16

Gender: male

Height: 1,85


Blaze is a calm shinobi and that's a reason why he's hard to figure out.


STR = Unknown
SPD = Unknown
HTH = Unknown
CTR = Unknown


Village: The Character's home village:Konoha,Leaf Village

Fighting Style:Blaze is usually calm and swift.But if an ally is in trouble he'll do anything to help his fellow shinobi


Background:Blaze was a talented ninja that has passed the academy at the age of 8 and became chunnin at the age of 12 by the age of 16 he was a leader of the most succesfull team of anbu.Blaze was always calm and made sure the missions were planned out.

His family was related to the 4th hokage as well as naruto who was the son of the third and had the kyuubi sealed in him.Ages passed and the kyuubi evolved in to the new bloodline jutsu that overpowerd buyakugan and the uchiha's sharingan.

Once upon a time the village was attacked and blaze was assigned to defend the western gate.beacause of a miscalculation of a spy the village got attacked from the south and invaded.The village of konoha is so big that the shinobi sitting waiting to defend from the western gate didn't even notice that the village was invaded from anouther side.

Then the shinobi attacked Blaze's squad from behind and blaz got his face slashed by a lightning jutsu.Blaze's skills were very high so in a short time he thought of a strategy and the team defeated the invaders.Then when blaze returned to aid the one's that were hurt he found out that there were bad news.

Blaze found out that the current Hokage died and the village was in ruins.When the shinobi told the council how blaze helped the village the council decided to choose blaze as the new Hokage.

The wound of the lightning attack stayed on blaze's face so he decided to wear a mask just like one of his idol shibi's did.Kakashi Hatake who helped his grandfather naruto and was a student of his grand grand father.

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Blaze Yondaime
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