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 crosscounty strugle 2 (kangen)

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Kangen Uzumaki

Kangen Uzumaki

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PostSubject: crosscounty strugle 2 (kangen)   crosscounty strugle 2 (kangen) Icon_minitimeThu Dec 04, 2008 5:41 am

I had woken up and eat my breakfast and got my stuff together, paid of the hotel and was ready to start on my way back to the leaf village. I walked outside to the edge of the city and set down to plane my way back to the village. It had token my and the merchant two days to reach the sound, but I thought I could reach it by sunset and still have time to spare. I would just go in a straight line then in circles like the man did, I would not be as likely to be caught by bandits as the merchant would have been. Plus the shorts point between to points was a strait line. So I had my route mapped out and stud to my feet to go.

I was walking to the woods when I over heard some people talking. “did you hear about that merchant from the leaf.” some guy ask. Then a girl replied, “yap, they messed him up pretty bad, and they said he could say was warn the boy. God only knows who he was talking about, but that kid he is talking about better watch his back.” I was amazed to hear this, could it be the merchant. God Blaze is gone to kill me I thought. Maybe he want I mean I did what I was so post to I guarded him to the sound, it was not my fault he got hurt he was out of my hands when it happened. What was I getting all worked up for I don’t even know if he was the on who got hurt or not. The not part was the part that scared me. I walked over to the two and asked them if the new where I could find the hospital he was in. the told me he was in the local hospital. I told them thank you so much.

I went to the hospital. Well I ran to the hospital. I got there and fond the front desk. Nurse I said I heard a leaf citizen was brought in here this morning. She looked at a big clip board with lots of paper on it. Yep there sure was. Can you tell me what room he is in I asked. No he is classified under the do not disturb list. Look I have to see him I said I think he is a friend of mine. Well that doesn’t matter I can’t let you I was told. I’m a leaf shin obi I said and I think he might have info behind some crooks that need to be brought to justice. The sound village can handle the criminals around here see said. Look I want to see someone over you I said. So she went and got a doctor. I told him of my situation, after that he let me in to see the man.

I entered the room and I could quickly see why he had been but down as do not disturb. He was raped in bandages from his head to his toes. The doc. Had told me I had five minutes, so I had to get to the point. I asked him some questions. He didn’t reply but instead gave me a letter. They told me to give this to you he said be careful. The doctor came in and told me the time was up. I walked out as the man told me to be careful that leader is pretty bad. I knew the merchant was strong himself and the leader he was talking about couldn’t have been the one we fought yesterday. I opened the letter to see what it said.

“if you think what happen to your friend was bad that’s nothen to whats gona happen to you. You will never make it back to the leaf alive, you’re a dead man walking. You should have not messed with us now your gona pay the price!!” signed the one and only leader of the nasty crew Kamasuki Toyama

I dropped the letter and ran out the door in fury. They can call me out all they want, but when you mess with my friends it gets personal. I would kill them. They had crossed the line I wasn’t a dead man walking they where. I didn’t know who this Kamasuki Toyama guy was put he was dead, he thought he was so bad well I would show him. I had to make it there and in a hurry, before they hurt someone else. I had made it to the woods when I heard the doctor in behind me saying wait. I couldn’t wait so I jumped into the top of the trees and began moving fast.

I had been traveling now for about 5 hours and I could see a huge field out in front of me. It was the last thing between me and the leaf. I hadn’t seen those idiots yet. I knew they would be out there in, it was the perfect place for a fight. I reached the edge of the trees an dumped out. I could see the gang standing there waiting. I saw the miner leader sanding there and I kicked him the face as I landed.

He flew back. I stud there looking at my opponents. I could that their where ten week enemies and three others that looked stronger. One of the stronger ones was the one I faced the day before. The other to looked stronger. I could pick the leader out with ease. He looked strong, like a good challenge. The other looked as strong as the other I had fought yesterday. I looked at them and quickly realized all three of them from the wanted picture I had seen. The weaker two where genin when the left the village and the leader was their sensei. He was a jounin when he left, at that point I realized that I might be in trouble. The ten weaker ones cam eat me and I quickly knocked them all out. I was not messing around and the leader could tell. He quickly told his to pupils to get me. The came at me with full force. I fought with them for about three hours and I finally got the upper hand. I knocked the two out and turned to the leader. I knew what he was doing he was letting my wear down and it had worked. I was tired I only had about half the strength I would have had when I first get there. I knew I had to fight if I wanted to live, this man had killed before. He looked at me and laughed. He ran at me and the final fight began.

We fought for no more then thirty minutes an the had without a doubt gotten the better hand. He was really strong. He told me that I was as week as my friend he had beaten. I felt a sudden power come over me and I grabbed him by the throat and slammed him in the ground. I told him to leave and never return and if I ever seen him again I would kill him. He took my word and left. I walked the rest of the way and passed out on the front steps to the hokages office.

When I woke up the hokage was standing there. You been out far awhile he told me. He said the missing-nin had been caught. The doctor at the hospital realized the name and told the kage of the sound and sent a team to help me. They had captured the gang while they where escaping from me. I just looked at him and smiled, then laid my head back down.

Word Count: around 1300
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Weapon Wind Orb = 500$

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