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 Moko Hyuuga

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Moko Hyuuga

Moko Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Moko Hyuuga   Moko Hyuuga Icon_minitimeFri Nov 28, 2008 4:34 am

Name: Moko Hyuuga

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 160

Moko is usually a person who just trys to keep people away from him and his persoanl life. He trys to be quiet and just act like an outcast.

Moko Hyuuga
-Hair: Black as Night
-Eyes: Red with no shade
-Head: Red Bandana around the forehead
-Scars/tattoos: None
-Body: kinda of toned out
-Clothes: Red armoured shoulders with black leathery shirt and long red cape with like balck pants.
-Other things: none

use = 20,000

Chakra Control

STR = 5,000
SPD = 8,000
HTH = 4,000
CTR = 3,000

Level/Rank: This will be Academy Student

Village: The Character's home village (Note:if a village has no kage you can't join it.)
-Raikou,Rain village

Fighting Style: Stealthy; More of a person who strike first


Basic Academy Jutsus
Rank: E
Description: Clone Jutsu, Replacement Jutsu, Rope Escape Jutsu, Transformation Jutsu

Background: Moko was raised as a happy child till about the age of 12. He became to invovled with the wrong people. He tried to pull out and wal away, but they would threaten him and his family if he would back down from stealing certian objects. One night they told him he had to steal a precious jade jewl which he then said he had enough and backed away. As he walked away one of the bandits said "If you walk away now and do not do this you will regret it." Well, he just walked away about one week later he was walking home from the park and heard a large explosion from his house. He ran as quickly as possible to his home. When he arrived he saw black smoke pooling out of his home and saw the bandits escape from the window of the home. Moko ran inside and started yelling for his parents and all he heard was the crackling of the fire. He then came to his parents bedroom door. He hesetated to open it. He closed his eyes and opened it as quickly as possible. When he opened his eyes more and more black smoke pooled out into his face make it harded and harder for him to breath. As it cleared he saw his parents laying in the bed in a pool of blood. He ran over to them and started shaking them, but there was no respnse from them. He had realize that the bandits did what they said they were going to do. He walked out of the house and screamed as people arrived to help put out the fire. Then and there Moko has promised to himself never to let no one get close to him ever and that he would get revenge on the bandits that did this to him.
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Moko Hyuuga
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