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 rivals with cake (sharingan) yamato

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PostSubject: rivals with cake (sharingan) yamato   Wed Nov 19, 2008 3:06 pm

Well it was a nice morning I walked out to check if everything was okay I walked down the street and eat some ramen when I’m finished eating I ‘m on my way out from the shop and I find shikamaru(my sensei) standing just outside “the kage has a mission for you” “ should I run to the office” “ yes” I ran.

“Yondaime I have a mission for you” “okey kage-sama” ” your mission is to check the struggle beetween saturo and Lin-Feng.” “Okay sir hokage-sama”

I used henge to not get found I successfully found the reason for the fight: saturo had eaten lin-feng’s cake and lin-feng got angry and attacked him. I began my journey home to write a rapport and then saturo saw me he ran against my and I tried to run but he catched me we were by the woods and I stirred him in the eyes and we began to fight I threw a kunai and he dodged he threw a kunai who hit me in the foot I lost … I passed out

When I was awake I was in a dark room with both saturo and lin-feng “so your finally awake” I was hanging upside down tied with rope by the foot. My hands were free they began kicking and hitting me. I was in pain and desperate I got really angry and soon they walked backwards saying “sha sha sharingan!!” I understood I had awakened my sharingan on my left eye “ katon: gyokagu no jutsu!!” I grand fireball came towards them they yelled and ran out. I was alone in the room I found out they took all my kunais so I had to find another way. I managed to un tie the rope after some hours. ”damn I’m hungry”

I went to the ramen shop to get some ramen “ the normal meal old-man” “okey here it comes” I ate my ramen and walked home to begin writing the rapport when I was dine I were going to deliver It I met saturo and lin once more they ran for their life and I laughed half to death when I delivered it the kage had so much to do I had to sitt and wait for him suddenly I fell asleep
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PostSubject: Re: rivals with cake (sharingan) yamato   Wed Nov 19, 2008 5:11 pm

lolz MORTALCAKEFIGHT!!!!! thumbsup



Money/Coins - 50

Experiance -

Atk Def Spd Ctr - atk 1000

Jutsu Expiriance - 1,0



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rivals with cake (sharingan) yamato
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