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 "save my cat!!!"

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Kangen Uzumaki

Kangen Uzumaki

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PostSubject: "save my cat!!!"   "save my cat!!!" Icon_minitimeThu Nov 13, 2008 6:34 pm

On day I was walking home from a dip in the local creek. I turned the corner to get to my dwelling and had step on the first step when I heard a young girl start to scream. I though to myself this is a great opportunity to show every one what I’m made of. I quickly ran down the street, to where the screams where coming form. I’ll tear them to peaces. I rounded the corner with a front flip followed by jump kick. “You iodides don’t know who your messing with, as a ninja I have took a vowel to protect the citizens of this village. So let get this show on the rode”. After making a fool of myself I looked around to see there was nobody there except a little girl, who was staring strait at me with fear in her eyes. Then she start to cry. “It’s okay little girl I’m here to help, where those bandits get off to, just point me in the direction”, I said with my chest poked out and my arms in a position of a super hero. I looked at here again and see was pointing to what had to be the tallest tree I have every seen. I blinked three times and I couldn’t see anyone up there. “My kitty”, see replied. I looked at the tree again and saw something at the tip top. My jaw hit the ground, “ you have got to kidding me a cat, a dang cat”. “Please mister please save my cat please”, sobbed the little girl. “I would rather go fight somebody then weary about a stupid cat, but since you asked nicely sure I will save your cat”, I smirked. “Be sure to be gentle with him.”, demanded the little girl. “Look kid don’t push your luck.”, I screamed as I started to climb the tree. “I was having a good day to got to go to the creek and relax, until now. Some stupid cat had to mess everything up for me. I don’t even like cats, I’m a dog person.”, I caught myself saying. “ Oh, great now I’m talking to myself; I got to get a life.” I climbed limb by limb witch seemed to be taking for ever. This had to be the tallest tree ever , plus when you don’t want to do something it just makes it worst. I had reached about half way and planted my but on a nice big limb. Not to much farther and I’ll be there, I thought to myself. I looked down at the ground and could see the little girl staring up at me. “Remember to be gentle,” she screamed. “ya ya, I heard you,” I said to myself and started back up the tree. I finally reached the top and could see the cat clear as day light. He sit there swinging his tail back and fort. I looked at him closely and he seemed to be smiling at me. “Why you little rat are you laughing at me, you no good for nothing get over here,” I yelled at the animal. He just sit there still smiling. I worked my way over to him. I reached out to grasp him, and at that instant he longed and scratched my face. “Ahhh,” I yelled. I lost my balance and somehow grabbed him as I fell. It was a long and hard way down, between all the limbs I hit and this little monster scratching me. Finally I hit the ground and let out one of the most on pleasant noises I have ever heard. I started to kick and gasp for air, but it wouldn’t come. After a bit I regained my will to breath with a large gasp of air. When I looked up I could see the little girl holding her cat. See started over to me and said, “ I told you to be gentle,” as she spit in my face and ran off. I got up and crawled home. I went inside and plumped on my bed. I had been nearly killed, scratched, spit on, and all I wanted was sleep. What a terrible day.
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PostSubject: Re: "save my cat!!!"   "save my cat!!!" Icon_minitimeThu Nov 13, 2008 10:16 pm

+500 speed stats

"save my cat!!!" Sigyon2copybg4
"save my cat!!!" BlazeKingz
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"save my cat!!!" Presetgw9
"save my cat!!!" Gdtaun0
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"save my cat!!!"
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