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 Change kukai into sensei ^_^

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PostSubject: Change kukai into sensei ^_^   Mon Dec 08, 2008 3:36 am

Midnight sat down with his legs crossed and closed his eyes. "A long *ss ****in time ago in a town called Kickapoo...." Kukai started singing but stopped when he saw Midnight. "Hey! Ummmmm you want some training or something?" Midnight opened his eyes and barely saw kukai. "uhh, yeah. Just so you know, I like genjutsu" Midnight said. "ok lets start with Hell viewing technique Go find me one scroll about it" Kukai replied. Midnight stood up. "I suppose I should check the Library huh?" He walked toward town silently with his head down. On the way a few people said hi to him. He responded with a look and kept on walking. He found the library and walked in. "I'm looking for a specific scroll." he said. "Okay, what is the name of it?" The librarian asked. "Hell viewing Technique." Midnight responded. "Ahh, I'm not sure exactly where that's at, but I can show you our genjutsu section. Is that okay with you?" "Huh? oh, yeah." Midnight said. He brought Midnight to a back room and showed him three bookshelves full of genjutsu scrolls. "Wow, what an extensive collection you have." Midnight exclaimed. "I know, isn't it? This is why I love being a librarian. Well, good luck finding it." With that he left. Midnight started looking for the scroll. He went through the first bookshelf and it wasn't there. "Well, this is going to be a long day." The first book case was really only filled with scrolls about what genjutsu was and how to counter them. I hope it's in this next bookshelf, Midnight thought. He started going through them when something caught his eye. Between the bookshelves was a plaque. It read "To all those Genjutsu users, beware the tai." "Well that was a waste of time" Midnight thought. He looked back at the shelf and started going through them. A. All about Genjutsu. B. Breaking Genjutsu. C. Crying won't get you out of Genjutsu. D. Definition of Genjutsu. "Wow, those are some pointless scrolls." But right then he realized something. "What was I looking for again?" Midnight left the back room and out the library. The Librarian said something but Midnight didn't hear. He headed back home and went to sleep. When he woke up, he got up and got ready for the day. He walked back to the training grounds and sat there again. Cross legged and with his eyes closed. Kukai came and asked "So, do you have the scroll yet?" Midnight opened his eyes. "What scroll?" Midnight asked. "I don't know, maybe the one I told you to go get?!" Kukai exclaimed. "Oh, right, what wa it called again?" "You really are forgetful aren't you?" Kukai sighed. "Hell viewing Technique. Got it?" Kukai wrote it down on a piece of paper and handed it to Midnight. "Now go get it!" Midnight took the paper and ran off. "Geez, he didn't have to be so mean about it..." Midnight went straight to the library. The librarian saw him and said "So, what are you looking for today?" Midnight went into his pocket and took out the piece of paper. "Hell viewing Technique apparently." The librarian noticed that it was the same as what he looked for yesterday. "But didn't you look for that yesterday?" He asked. "I did? I don't remember." Midnight replied. "Well, I'll show you to the section." He took Midnight to the same place as the day before and told him "You left the first two bookshelves in such a mess, I suggest you check the Third one." Midnight took his advice and started looking through it. "Wait, what am I looking for again?" He asked right as he got to it. "and what is this paper in my pocket?" Midnight took it out. It read "Get the scroll "Hell viewing technique" and report back to me, signed Kukai" "Oh, yeah." Midnight grabbed the scroll and went to the desk. "I would like to check this out please." Midnight said to the librarian. "So you found it eh? I knew you would, and I'm glad you didn't forget." He said while writing down that Midnight was checking it out. "Well actually I did, lucky I had this note with me." Midnight replied. "Well, be sure to come again!" The librarian exclaimed as Midnight left. Midnight took off at a sprint to the training area. "If I forgot to do this yesterday, then Kukai must be so upset. I hope he isn't too angry when I get there..." When Midnight got there he was panting. "I got the." Pant. "Scroll." Pant "Holy crap you have the worst memory ever! Anyways did you read it? If not, you must" Kukai said. "Well so-rry that I'm a little forgetful, jerk..." Midnight thought. "oh, you wanted me to read it? well isn't that a great idea smartie pants" Midnight thought about saying. Instead, he took the scroll and opened it. He started reading about how to do, when it should be used, and how much chakra it would take. It was all very interesting but Midnight wasn't really paying attention. He kept leaning back and stared at the clouds. Whenever he did this Kukai would snap at him and tell him to get reading. He would for about a minute and would then lean back and stare again. Kukai was starting to get furious so he hit Midnight whenever he leaned back. "Fine." Midnight finally agreed. "I'll read it seriously." Midnight started reading it. After a while, he actually was interesting in it. "I could really get into this genjutsu stuff." He thought. "Then I can be a genjutsu master. People won't be mean to me anymore, no way, I'll teach them. With this I will get revenge on every jerk that was mean to me." Midnight thought. He kept reading until he was done. "Aww, is that all there is to it?" Midnight exclaimed. "I thought there would be examples too" He pouted. Midnight turned it over and it showed him many examples of how it was used. "Oh, wow, I'm going to be able to this, right Kukai?" "Ok try it on me" Kukai said. "Okay, so first I focus my chakra..." Midnight looked back at the scroll. He changed his footing. "How do I get those little lines around me?" Midnight asked. "That's supposed to be your chakra" Kukai said, thinking "what an idiot" "Oh, okay." Midnight focused his chakra and did the seals. "Playing dumb and forgetful is fun. Underestimation helps too." Midnight thought. Midnight stood staring at Kukai. Done with the seals he exclaimed, "Hell viewing technique!" "I hope this works." Midnight said aloud. While saying this he purposely released a bit of his chakra. When Kukai just stood there looking at him he knew it didn't work. "Ahh well, I guess I'll try again, I hope I'll get it this time. " He said. Midnight took the stance, focused his chakra at kukai, did the seals, and exclaimed "Hell Viewing Technique!" This time completely focused on trapping his teacher within the genjutsu. He even decided to customize the genjutsu so that it would include everyone close to him dying, by Midnight's hand. "Did it work Kukai?" Midnight said after waiting a while and releasing the technique. Kukai faked being scared shitless because he was used to horrifying sights and thought of how his student was probably faking being dumb. Once the jutsu was stopped kukai broke out "Ok that's enough you got it. Anything else?""Uhh, are there any more genjutsu I can learn?" Midnight asked. "I need to work on the technique, it's obvious by his reaction that it barely fazed him..." Midnight thought. "So, how badly did my technique scare you? did you want to cry?" Midnight asked hopefully. "Ya it scared me shitless" Kukai said lying through his teeth."Sweet! could you teach me String Bean Bind? It sounds fun, and I already have the scroll....I thought it was a recipe at first, and when I showed it to my mom she thew it at me and hit my head..." Midnight took out the scroll labeled "String Bean Bind". "So, could you teach me it?" "Read it!" Kukai hollered. "Fine then *ss hole!" Midnight thought. He really needed to stop doing that. He had already read it when his mother threw it at him, but he decided to read it again. "I might find something I missed the first time I read it" Midnight thought. "So, the original clan that used this technique was the kurama clan? Neverheard of it." Midnight said aloud by accident. "Hmm." Here was its exact words written on the scroll. "This unnamed String Bean Bind is a Genjutsu technique used by the Kurama Clan. After forming the needed handseals, the target will see bean vines grow from the ground. These vines will snake and wind all around the victims body, lifting them into the air. A bean pod will raise and open to reveal the clan member with weapon in hand ready to strike. A skilled Genjutsu user can reverse the technique and escape its effects." "I hope he's not a skilled Genjutsu user" Midnight thought. "okay, kukai, I'm going to try it on you now, since I know that's what you'll want me to do anyways." Midnight took the stance and focused his chakra. He did the seals perfectly. A few weeks worth of practice can do that. He focused on kukai ready to use it's effects. Vines came up out of the ground and wrapped around kukai. A bud opened and Midnight was in it. So, is it working kukai?" Midnight asked. "Ya but than this happened!" Kukai punched midnight in the gut "Beware the tai" He said. "Ow." Midnight exclaimed, not really affected much by the punch, but acting like it did."So, did I learn it or not kukai?" Midnight asked. "Yeah." Kukai said. "Arigato for the training." Midnight said before leaving.

OOC: Yeah, I did my own what? XD
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Change kukai into sensei ^_^
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