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 cuting grass and makeing a new friend

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Kangen Uzumaki

Kangen Uzumaki

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PostSubject: cuting grass and makeing a new friend   Thu Nov 27, 2008 7:39 am

One day when I was out getting some roman, when I saw this yard that looked like it was abandoned. I walked up to it and noticed that someone did live here and started to look around. I could see that the yard must have not been cut in about a year. The grass was about waste high. I looked in my pocket and noticed I had no money. this is a good way to get some cash I thought to my self. I made my way through the yard and fell several times over hidden objects in the death hazard. I made it to the front door and reached up to nock, jerking back. I wonder who lives here I said to my self as images of monsters and mad men ran through my head. Poking my chest out high I knocked at the door. I heard someone coming from across the house, or should I say dump. The thing in side seemed to take for every to make it to the door. It took every thing I had not to run away screaming. The door opened and an old man walked out, slow as could be. My god I thought to myself this man must be 180 years old. High there youngster he said how can I help you. "I just wanted to no if I could help you with your yard, for a little cash." I said. Oh yes he replied I haven't been able to get out in years, please come inside and talk. I went in and we set down and talked. He told me stories of his child hood and younger days. I see you must be a young shinobe he said, pointing to my forehead protector. Yes I am I said. That’s nice he said you must have high hopes. I do but I don't think I’ll every be a Hokage or anything like that, I want to be the world's best hunter-nin. That’s nice he said now how about that yard of mine. I'll get right to it I said.

I started with moving the objects in the yard to a trash pile. The where some big pieces of stuff out there. Me always trying to make my work into fun, thought I would test my strength to see how far I could throw the objects. Then I moved to cutting the lawn. It was a hole lot hard then I thought it would be. It took me about a half an hour to cut one quarter of the yard. I was pouring sweat when the old man walked out with a glass of tea. I went and sit and drank the tea and he told me how I was doing a wonderful job. I told him would be getting late soon and I should get back started and he told me to go ahead that he thought he would sit out and watch. The second half of my work went by a hole lot quicker and I was done in about two hours. The old man asked me if I was hungry and replied yes. He then asked me if I would stay and have supper with him so I did. After we eat he told me he had done more today then he had in a year, and it had been nice to go outside again. Now he had a good reason to go out he said, and welcomed me back anytime.

Word count: between 580-585
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PostSubject: Re: cuting grass and makeing a new friend   Thu Nov 27, 2008 5:29 pm

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cuting grass and makeing a new friend
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