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 D Rank Mission

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PostSubject: D Rank Mission   Wed Nov 26, 2008 7:31 pm

D Rank Mission

Name: Trouble in Sound
Description: There was a gas leak under the Sound Village and you must stop it.
Rank D
Level: 1
Requirement: Write at least 300 words of story about how you blocked the gas leak before the Sound Village blows up.


Name: Sound Vs Leaf
Description: When the Chuunin Exam was on Sound Ninjas mistaken Leaf Ninjas as a weak and stupid village. You need to either stop the fight or report this to the Hokage and do what ever needed to stop them.
Rank D
Level: 4
Requirement: Write at least 500 words of story about how you stopped them from fighting.


Name: Escort the Mystery Box
Description: A box arrived at Sound Village there was a note saying deliver to the Mist Village. You must escort the box there safely and what ever happens do not open the box.
Rank D
Level: 4
Requirement: Write at least 500 words of story about how you deliver it there.


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D Rank Mission
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